The walkable cable tray system for effective protection of supply cables

In modern industrial plants, the ambient conditions represent a major danger to sensitive power, data and control cables. Soiling, vibrations and industrial influences create a tough environment. This is why it is even more important for the electrical installations of machines and plants to withstand the different loads reliably. The BKRS walkable cable tray system from OBO offers a closed space for routing cables, protecting them against soiling and footfall. Special dust protection elements on cover joints prevent the ingress of foreign bodies.

The cable ducts with covers are designed for the highest loads, which frequently occur in the vicinity of machines and automated production systems with robotic systems. The cable ducts are available with the side heights 100 mm and 110 mm. Six different widths between 100 and 600 mm offer the right cable duct for any purpose in areas such as machining, mounting and production. The dimensions and materials of the walkable cable tray system mean that they satisfy the guidelines and requirements of different industries, for example countless car manufacturers. Major players such as BMW and VW already use the walkable cable trays from OBO.

In particular, automated production lines and system construction applications have a very high demand for energy, power and data. In the BKRS, OBO can provide effective protection of the wealth of supply cables to meet these challenges. In the industrial environment, the non-slip cable trays offer the best possible safety and load capacities according to EN 50085-2-2 and EN 61537.

Overview of the benefits of the BKRS walkable cable tray system

Cable trays with tested slip protection and displacement area

The slip and step protection of the covers is immensely important for safe working on walkable cable trays. With the newly developed chequer arrangement, the covers of the BKRS from OBO are non-slip and hardwearing, ensuring stability and thus minimising the risk of accidents in daily use. The cable ducts possess tested R11 slip prevention and a V10 displacement space according to the valid regulations. 

The slip prevention is tested on a ramp with different angles of inclination and assigned according to the evaluation groups R9 to R13. Most industries require slip prevention of R10. The chequer plate covers for BKRS cable ducts are equipped with tested R11 slip prevention and thus suitable for most industrial environments. If, due to the structure use, major soiling of lubricating substances (e.g. oils, animal fats, etc.) is to be expected, then the covering surface must have an appropriate displacement space. Only in this way can safe walking be guaranteed. Here too, the BKRS chequer plate cover with the evaluation group V10 exceeds the requirements of most industries for at least V4. 

Find out more about our anti-slip chequer plate cover in the video:

Cable ducts offer optimum protection of cables

Heavy loads, stamping feet, dirt, dust – the walkable cable trays with covers can handle all of these challenges and more, thanks to their ingenious system design. With their excellent mechanical stability, the cable trays offer effective protection for cables. The optimal shielding of the walkable cable ducts guarantees electromagnetic compatibility. Through the use of a separating retainer, power, control and data cables are insulated according to DIN EN 50147, to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. The cable tray, cover and separating retainers have a continuous material thickness of 2 mm and thus form a highly mechanically stable composite. 

In our in-house BET Test Centre, OBO simulates the loads that the walkable cable ducts have to withstand on a constant basis. We determine the maximum load capacity and carrying capacity of the cable tray system, as well as its resistance to dust and corrosion. This means that, as a systems provider, OBO places paramount importance on safety. The walkable cable tray system corresponds to the valid product standard IEC 61537 and was tested according to all the relevant standards and, with the strip galvanised chequer plate cover for cable ducts, guarantees a footfall load of at least 350 kg according to EN 50085-2-2. 

Including the cable tray system in the functional equipotential bonding without screws

The walkable cable tray system can be integrated quickly and without screws into the functional equipotential bonding using the KFL clamp spring and AKL connection terminal. This guarantees the electrical conductivity according to IEC 61537 – Cable management.  The clamp spring is clamped simply to the cable tray rail without additional drilling and the stranded cable is pressed into the clamp spring to create the contact. The connection terminal allows simple creation of branches and suspensions of the stranded cable. <br/>  

Comprehensive accessories supplement the walkable cable tray system

The anti-slip cable trays for the floor are supplemented by a comprehensive accessory range. No matter whether a cover clamp is used as an alternative to the sash lock, cover lifter with clever drilling template, universal connector with inclusive edge protection or stand-offs for different mounting variants – the comprehensive accessories offer a wide range of benefits when mounting the walkable cable trays. <br/>  

Floor trunking with large range of mounting options

The walkable cable tray system promises variety for any requirements. This also applies to mounting. The cable ducts can be mounted in different ways, thus matching individual requirements. You have the choice: Mounting the anti-slip cable ducts on a support bracket complies with the workplace protection directives to avoid slippage and trip hazards and the step height is maintained. A special protective panel for the support brackets reduces the risk of tripping. The simple and rapid mounting variant of the cable ducts on a Z support profile ensures the step height. The mounting of the hardwearing cable ducts on a Z support also maintains the step height. Protection plates as side panelling reduce the risk of tripping. The simplest and quickest way to route cable ducts for the floor is floor mounting. A small step height and the non-slip properties of the chequer plate cover make safe working possible at any time. 

You can also see the mounting variants of the BKRS walkable cable tray system in our video:

Cable ducts made by OBO

The non-slip cable ducts for the floor are one of our OBO cable support systems. Our products in this area stand out through the highest possible flexibility and quality. We pay particular attention to this in the production of our system of non-slip cable ducts. 

Cable duct systems of the highest quality

At the head office in Menden, around 18 million metres of cable support systems are produced each year in an area of 30,000 m². Of these, around 10.5 million metres are cable tray, including the walkable cable tray system. The raw materials for this are subjected to strict quality controls even on arrival. Our employees review the material quality, surface structure and surface thickness in detail. Then, each raw coil is given a label with all the key information, an "identity card", which can be tracked through the entire production process.<br/>  

Cable ducts for the floor: Production in two stages

The non-slip covers for our cable ducts, also called cable trays, are produced in two production steps: On the punching system and on the profiling system. Besides the quality checks before each production step, a camera in the punching system checks the function dimensions of the cable ducts. The new chequer plate covers of our walkable cable ducts make them even less prone to slips. The production of the chequer plate covers takes place primarily on the punching system. OBO Bettermann owns a product patent for the innovative production method used here.

For each product, OBO provides comprehensive documentation, including all data sheets and load capacity test reports. We also supply all the necessary evidence confirming adherence to the manufacturers' specifications. And we are continuously working on making our products and production processes even better – so that you can always rely on OBO quality. 

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