Main branch terminal, 4-pole

Item no. 2009032 | EAN 4012196614325

  • Communautés Européennes, EC declaration of conformity according to EC directives

4-pin main terminal block, 2 x 16 mm² + 2 x 25 mm² conductor connection cross-sections per pin. With 2 screws per terminal for secure contact pressure. High-resistance quick-action fastening made of galvanised sheet steel for simple mounting on support rails.
Terminal covers are available in the standard conductor colours.

All types

All types

Types Connection type Item no. Quantity SSU
HLAK 4-8x16 Screw 2009032
1 piece
Main branch terminal, 4-pole
Main branch terminal, 4-pole

Main branch terminal, 4-pole

Item no. 2009032

Data sheet, 0.50MB, pdf

Technical data

Connectable conductor cross-section, fine-wire with wire-end ferrule 1.5 - 16 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-section, single-wire 1.5 - 25 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-section, multi-wire 16 - 25 mm²
Connection position Top/bottom
Connection cross-section, multi-wire 16 - 25 mm²
Connection type Screw
No. of terminals 16
Number of screwless terminals per pole 4
Measurement current IL 130 A
Flame resistant flame resistant to VDE 0471/DIN 695 Part 2-1, test temperature 960° C
Suitable for ribbon conductor connection no
Suitable for flexible conductors no
Suitable for solid conductors yes
Suitable for multi-wire conductors yes
Suitable for round cable connection yes
Suitable for sector conductor connection yes
Halogen-free yes
Insulation material Thermoplast
Max. measuring operation current Ie 130 A
Max. cable cross-section 25 mm²
Max. conductor cross-section 25 mm²
With actuating levers no
Nominal cross section 25 mm²
Nominal voltage 960 V
Nominal current 130 A
Pole number 4
Cross–section 25 mm²
ROHS-conformant yes
Impact-resistant yes
max. permitted ambient temperature -25 - 70 °C
Transparent no
Ambient temperature 40 °C
VDE-tested yes
Invitation to tender text

Invitation to tender text

HLAK 4-8x16 / 2009032

Data sheet

HLAK 4-8x16 / 2009032, 0.50MB, pdf